United by a passion for bloody good marketing.

We practise what we preach and love what we do. We are Find + Seek.

What matters
to us

Delivering through collaboration

Consider us the digital marketing arm of your business. True collaboration extends to our internal operations too, as we combine forces across our departments to deliver total digital synergy.

Helping small businesses thrive

We’re all for working with small (and medium and big) businesses, across varying industries. We take a real joy in developing digital strategies that really work. When you thrive, we thrive. 

Never stop learning (and improving)

We stay up-to-date by taking part in regular training opportunities (and running the occasional session ourselves), so we can offer the latest techniques and do our best to beat the algorithms. 

We're here to help

A few of our favourite things we LOVE to deliver to our clients.

Growth Social Management

Paid Social Advertising

Social Media Strategy

Content Creation

Website Design + Development

Agency White Label Services

Lead Generation

Branding + Design

Emma + Charlotte


F+S Founders

Emma Green
+ Charlotte Whelan 

Find and Seek began as a passion project. We had a goal of helping small businesses succeed by collaborating to nail their digital footprint.

Realising that many small business in the market didn’t have the resources, budget or expertise to really execute a solid digital marketing strategy Find + Seek was born.

Three years on our goal hasn’t changed.

Emma Green

Strategy + Operations (Partner)

Ellie Rix

Social Media Manager

Mati Ulloa


Charlotte Whelan

Social Media + Strategy (Partner)

Patrick Bosen

Content Creator

Tori Whelan

Design + Digital (Partner)

Iggy Hicks

Content Creator
We'd love to hear from you

We'd love to hear from you

We’re based in Sydney, Newcastle and Brisbane, 
and we’ve really got the hang of this whole coffee and zoom thing.

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